Quality & Planning

  • APQP – Advanced Quality Planning

  • PFMEA – Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

  • MSA – Measurement System Analysis

  • SPC – Statistical Process Control

  • PPAP – Production Part Approval Process

You’ve expressed your needs and desires. At Interdyne, we’re offering our undivided attention and much more…

Our approach to the planning process involves an essential ingredient – the customer. One key to our success in satisfying you is taking the time, at the beginning, to really listen to your requirements and expectations.

Whether you’re a veteran to the molded products industry, or just becoming aware of it, a crucial part of planning is understanding what you want to achieve and translating this into a product that meets and exceeds your needs. Together, with the help of our Advanced Quality Planning Team, a plan takes shape through clear communication of what may best provide possible solutions – even before the manufacturing starts.

Next, our management team initiates a review of all of your product requirements. After that, we conduct a thorough feasibility study on each one. Using this valuable planning process, we determine how we can best meet those specified requirements against the schedule you propose, and at a cost that’s attractive to you.

We’ve designed an unsurpassed operating system from the ground up that embraces every phase of operation, from idea conception to product delivery.

Interdyne, Incorporated is committed to providing the highest quality components to its customers. Quality embraces every aspect of our business. We’ve designed an entire quality operating system that covers each phase of our production – from quotation request through product delivery. We also strive to keep our company focused on the importance of Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Service, Information and Analysis, Human Resources, Process Management and Business Results.

At Interdyne, our process is the quality – and the reasons above explain how much that benefits you.